Dog Walking

When your four legged family members need a break to potty, stretch, or just take in the sights and sounds of their familiar neighborhood, Amy's Dog Walking is there for you and your pet.


Dog Let Out

When Wolfie needs to potty in a hurry with out the neighborhood tour Amy's Dog Walking will be there to let your pet out safely and securely in your back yard or fenced in area. We will be sure to clean up after your pet as well.


Boarding/Overnight Stays

Amy's Dog Walking can also board your pet in our safe and secure home or we can stay overnight at your home to care for your pet in their familiar environment.


Whether you have mans best friend..

We will care for your canines physical and emotional needs when we are with them.

Or have a furry purring feline..

We provide loving care for your cats while we meet their unique needs.

Kitten Mothers Day

Next Steps...

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